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Tea Time

The British may have invented teatime, the Parisians improved upon it, and Fauchon turned it into an art form.

Served both at The Grand Café Fauchon as well as in the Jardin des Thés, afternoon tea is a time-honored ritual focusing on pleasures of the palate and is also a great après-shopping activity.

head to the jardin des thés for a lovely afternoon tea

Our FAUCHON Tea time is an opportunity for us to participate in a time-honored ritual with a curated tea and gourmet selection and our expert service. This is the ultimate indulgence. A time to sample the innovative pastry art by our renowned and talented chefs. There’s no time for guilt here and no reason to politely decline. Show up for teatime ready to sip and savor. From our iconic fruit and flower flavored Fauchon teas to our unsurpassed pastries, sandwiches, and other delicacies, teatime is an absolute specialty of the Maison.

Daily from 3 to 5:30 pm

In delightful boxes you find like a gourmet secret, the Tea Time of Fauchon Hôtel Paris which comes in small savory and sweet bites evolving with the seasons: Ham « black Pork from Gascon », Skewers of Gambas-Mango, Fauchon Club, Blinis Scottish Salmon​​​​​​​, Coco-Mango-Passion Cheesecake​​​​​​​, Apple-Cardamom Domes​​​​​​​, Gianduja-Banana Domes and Sesame-Coffee sprouts​​​​​​​, Red Fruit Salad “Doudou Daddy“Granola​​​​​​​, Fauchon Tea Juice “One Night in Paris”​​​​​​​.

To be served with these delicacies, our Tea Time offers a fruit juice to choose from the 52 references of tea from our Maison Fauchon, enough to satisfy lovers of the divine drink.

A glass of Fauchon Champagne is included in the second formula.