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Connexions in the City

If you need to stay connected during your visit to Paris, we’ve got it taken care of.

Guests of our hotel get their own pocket Wi-Fi as a tiny mobile hotspot! It’s as small as a cigarette pack and fits in your pocket. But it’s powerful enough to provide high-speed connection everywhere in Paris!

Enjoy up to six hours of operating time plus the convenience of an auto switch-off when you aren’t using it to preserve battery life. Plus the connection speed is 4G LTE (100MB/sec) for a lightening fast connection. If you need to stay in touch with the office back home or just want to be able to peruse social channels, stream video, or stay connected, you can do it through this one tiny device.

Navigate in the city with your smartphone using your favorite apps.

Share your experiences in real time on social media. Go on the Internet as much as you want, and stay in touch using Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime, or email! It’s just our way of providing the ultimate in Fauchon hospitality no matter where you choose to roam.