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Fauchon Gourmet bar

We have completely reinvented the in-room mini bar with the Fauchon Gourmet Bar.

There is no better way for Fauchon L'hôtel Paris to demonstrate its commitment to luxurious indulgences and pleasures of the palate, than through a very artistic, curated, original, unexpected moment.

As attractive as it is functional, this stunning piece of furniture (also available for guest purchase) enables incomparable gratification. Within the many doors and drawers, guests can enjoy unique moments of pure decadence as they seek and savor favorite Fauchon delicacies.

Think of it as your very own Fauchon store, made-to-order, just for you.

Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, with absolutely no apologies and no regrets! And as our special gift to you, Fauchon will offer you complimentary fresh Fauchon creations upon your arrival to suit your taste preferences. We will customize the contents according to your preference: salty, sweet, healthy, or tasting (a combination of all three).

The Gourmet Bar includes a “fresh product” cabinet, a preview of other Fauchon specialties all kept at the ideal temperature. The “drinks” cabinet is the perfect spot to hold wine, spirits, champagne, water, juices, and soft drinks. There is a special area for sweet and savory Fauchon snacks – just perfect for an afternoon nibble – as well as an area to enclose the hot water kettle and Nespresso coffee machine for Fauchon tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Bon appetite!

Timing: The Gourmet Bar is available in-room 24/7 and restocked daily.
We make arrangements prior to your arrival and during your stay to determine the flavor profile of items you prefer in your Gourmet Bar.