In my Suite

At Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris, we completely understand our luxury guests expect the world comes to them. Not only can you have the most amazing Fauchon epicurean delicacies delivered to your suite, but you can also request bespoke “In My Suite” experiences as well.

At Fauchon L'hôtel Paris, we provide a duo of opportunities to enjoy life like a Parisian in the comfort and privacy of your suite. These services are primarily available to guests reserving Suite accommodations; however, if there is an open suite available during a stay, we can also make arrangements for an “In My Suite” pleasure there as well.

Fashion In My Suite – Try the best Parisian luxury brands in ultimate privacy

After a briefing consultation with a guest, we will make arrangements for specific products to be presented in the guest’s suite by the brand with representatives from the brand in attendance for any explanations or demonstrations. This fashion presentation will be accompanied by a Fauchon tasting and also includes a make-up and hair stylist for the guest.

The initial briefing is 1,450 Euros and the guest needs to agree to spend a minimum on the selected products.

Workshop In My Suite – Guests can have a truly privileged moment to create their own product in their suite

Sample opportunities include creating your own jewelry, perfume, or an educational experience like learn how to wear a watch, etc. Other workshop topics include a coaching Parisian moment (one- to three-hour class) with advice and a custom fitting on how to dress, move, and apply makeup as a Parisian or a private coach for explanations and to try on various outfits in your suite together with a Fauchon tasting.

The Workshop In My Suite is available for male or female guests and includes a make-up artist and hair stylist. Workshop In My Suite offerings are priced individually according to the services.


In My Suite services must be pre-arranged at least 48 hours in advance by our Guest Relations team.