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Private Shopping

We want our guests to enjoy an ultimate pleasure à la Fauchon by curating a Private Shopping experience for you.

One of the most popular Paris pastimes — after eating that is — is shopping.

Our Private Shopper meets with you to discuss your preferences and understand your discerning tastes so that we can create a bespoke shopping excursion to perfectly complement your budget, style, and interests.

Do you have a specific designer you like? Are you in the market for jewelry, accessories, haute couture, menswear, ladies fashion, or something particularly trendy in the city at the moment? Would you prefer a recommendation on the best spots to visit based upon a particular interest or look?

This is a very unique opportunity to have an expert Parisian guide help you navigate the vast amount of shops and boutiques in Paris so you can focus on the delights of the wonderful garments, accessories, and jewelry to be found here.

Private Shopping Tours must be pre-arranged 48 hours in advance. 
The Private Shopping Tour is priced from 285€ for the initial briefing meeting and then by the hour according to the length of the tour.