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Private visits

Our commitment to five-star luxury hospitality means we provide guests with experiences they can have nowhere else.

From our unique viewpoint on epicurean delights to our bold and innovate style, going beyond the ordinary is a hallmark of the Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris and that commitment to innovation and exploration extends to everything we do.

When you come to experience Paris the Fauchon way, we encourage you to explore your personal passions and interests.

Working with our select tour partner, we can make special arrangements for you to enjoy private visits that you will find personally rewarding and fulfilling. Let us create a private themed tour according to a personal taste or hobby. Perhaps you want to experience a visit with Paris craftsmen. Take a tour of the trendiest new art galleries in the city. Experience urban art. Meet with a bridal gown designer who is up and coming.

Whatever you can imagine, we can make it happen. It’s totally curated, absolutely private, and wonderfully experiential.

So what have you got in mind?

Reservations: Must be made approximately 48 hours in advance with the Guest Relations.