The Hotel Fauchon Experience

Seek. Shop. Savor. Slumber.


Life is short - and we intend to savor every moment. Maison Fauchon is all about luxurious indulgences. Experiencing, touching, tasting, and seeking pleasure on our own terms. No apologies. No regrets. Not a moment to lose - nor a morsel to waste. Curators of talents. Aestheticians of the arts. Innovators of fine foods and pastries. Our vibrant epicurean ambiance, eclectic style, and glamorous viewpoint draw citizens of the world to rendezvous at the epicenter of consummate Fauchon pleasures: Fauchon L'hôtel Paris. A romantic domain of service excellence, decadent gourmet cuisine, and luxurious five-star hospitality, days and nights are spent in pursuit of sublime sensual gratification. It’s actually too bad everyone else’s life isn’t this amazingly grand.

Paris will never be the same again 


Parisian life is made up of successive moments of pleasure and decadence — a culture which renowned French merchant Auguste Fauchon epitomized through the creation of a fine foods outlet on Place de la Madeleine in 1886.

Over a century of expansion and transformation, with innovation a deliberate part of its DNA, “Fauchon” has become synonymous with decadence, guilty pleasures, and magical moments of culinary brilliance. Auguste Fauchon was the inventor of the farm-to-city philosophy, bringing the finest ingredients direct from producers in Normandy to Paris every week. He designed private labels for chic gastronomy, and he was the first to offer wine cellar deliveries. Fauchon was able to acquire exotic fruits from around the world thanks to a savvy partnership with Air France. 

“Be The Only One” - Auguste Fauchon

Fauchon is so successful because it has always embraced bold modernization and excellence. It has always been a true innovator in the world of Pâtisserie — always at the forefront of creating something new, different, brilliant. Fauchon is a school of world-renowned talents where creativity, design, and refinement reign. Fauchon continually seeks fresh and maintains a commitment to nurturing rising young chefs with an innate talent for genius. Both Pierre Hermé and Christophe Adam were previous emerging talents in pâtisserie, who were recognized and nurtured by Fauchon. 

And now the Fauchon evolution continues…with the magnificent inspiration to house all Fauchon products and culinary experiences under one roof in significant capitals around the world. The objective is to enable locals and travelers alike the opportunity to indulge in everything Fauchon both day and night.

First stop: Paris


At the heart of two historic Haussmanian buildings, the architect Richard Martin introduced the Fauchon brand and its contemporary vibe. French architects, craftsmen and designers have added a daring and elegant touch, representing the sophistication, style and joie de vivre of Fauchon. A new expression for Fauchon on this place of the Madeleine, trademark since 1886. From now on, you can touch, taste, hear, feel and recognize all Fauchon.

Rendez-vous a la Fauchon


The Fauchon guest thrives on the pursuit of pleasure. They know who they are. What they want. What makes them happy AND they are willing to build their lives around it. Fauchon L'Hôtel Paris is dedicated to delivering these pleasures in a boutique, five-star hotel setting. Every experience is a moment to savor, an opportunity to indulge the senses in an elegant and spirited manner. With a nod to the legacy of Fauchon, Gourmet Moments will be a cornerstone of our guest experience. At any time and in any place in our hotel from our restaurants to our guest rooms and suites, anyone can experience a sublime gourmet pleasure a la Fauchon. 

We look forward to welcoming you where life’s most sensual pleasures await


The arty feeling and glamorous ambiance has been tastefully created in blending the contemporary brand and the vision of young French artists and artisans. For the Paris hotel, Fauchon selected and commissioned an amazing team of creative talents. 

Fauchon has also developed a full set of original designs for furniture, lightings, paneling, carpeting. The majority of the furniture in the rooms was designed by Atelier Paluel Marmont and will remain unique to Fauchon L’Hôtel.